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This lightweight balm glides across your skin and dissolves into a soothing cleansing oil—gently and effectively removing makeup and other debris from the pores in preparation for your full skin care routine.

This nutrient-rich cream is infused with a potent blend of rosewater, honey, and rice bran oil that locks in moisture during the restorative night-time hours—revealing an irresistibly soft complexion by morning.

This lightweight lotion delivers a soothing blend of rosewater and honey to attract and retain moisture while calming irritated skin.

This silky-smooth foaming cleanser washes away excess dirt and debris while soothing and nourishing the skin.

This dual-layer serum is fortified with vitamin B12 and potent moisturising ingredients to deeply hydrate and soothe dry, damaged skin. The pink colour comes from natural vitamin B12!

Sei Bella Honey & Rose Toning Mist
Size: 150 mL Item: 6650

Perfect for sensitive skin, this soothing mist calms your complexion and leaves it feeling naturally clean and refreshed. Alcohol-free.

Sei Bella Vitamin C Exfoliating Mask
Size: 85 g Item: 2997

This exfoliator removes dull, dry skin while hydrating and conditioning with powerful vitamins and botanicals. The result: soft, rejuvenated, radiant skin!

A potent blend of antioxidants, botanicals, and vitamin C protects against free-radical damage and supports healthy collagen production to improve skin firmness.

This luxurious cream transforms to an oil as it’s massaged into the skin. Nourishing coconut and avocado oils combine with vitamin C to replenish without leaving a greasy residue.

So fresh and so smooth! This vitamin C-enriched, densely-foaming cleanser gently removes dull, dry skin while hydrating and providing added protection.

A concentrated blend of actives defends against external irritants and damage while repairing visible signs of ageing including discolouration and dark spots.

This warming formula eliminates impurities—melting away dirt and excess oil while refining pores and energising your complexion.

This charcoal-powder toner contains a mix of charcoal and floral actives that work synergistically to neutralise oil on the skin’s surface and mattify your complexion on contact.

This mattifying formula has a sensorial cooling texture that purifies while tightening, plumping, and brightening your complexion.

This warming foam cleanser uses a blend of mineral-rich clays and debris-clearing charcoal to deeply cleanse and purify the skin.

This restorative night-time moisturiser works immediately to lock in hydration, promote healthy collagen production, and improve fine lines and wrinkles while increasing firmness and elasticity—all as you sleep!

This lightweight daily lotion is rich in antioxidants and nourishing vitamins that help to visibly reduce fine lines, plump and brighten skin tone, and protect your complexion from outside irritants.

Sei Bella Deep Marine Sea Toner
Size: 150 mL Item: 3535

Designed for ageing skin, this gentle gel-like toner is used right after cleansing and helps remove any trace dirt and debris while rebalancing your skin’s pH. It also protects against pollution and damage! Alcohol-free.

This targeted facial serum works to visibly restore the appearance of ageing skin by reducing fine lines and refining skin texture. Plus, it actively boosts moisture levels while helping to smooth, firm, and plump ageing skin!

This rejuvenating formula leaves skin feeling radiant, smooth, and youthful! It uses oil to gently cleanse by penetrating deep into pores to dissolve, absorb, and whisk away dirt, toxins and other skin-damaging impurities.

Sei Bella Night Recovery Eye Cream
Size: 15 mL Item: 1157

This specialty overnight formula significantly minimises the look of crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles around the eyes—so you can wake up looking more refreshed than ever before.

Look on the bright side! This lightweight daytime eye gel minimises the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles around the eyes—both instantly and over time with regular use. Apply below the eyes (avoiding the upper and lower eyelids) after cleansing and toning.

Sei Bella Wrinkle Release Eye Serum
Size: 15 mL Item: 1141

This lightweight daytime eye serum uses clinically proven peptides to boost collagen within the delicate skin of your eyes—reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while increasing natural moisture and elasticity.

Sei Bella Makeup Removing Cleansing Wipes
Size: 30 wipes Item: 9154

Low-maintenance at its most beautiful! These ready-to-use cleansing wipes are all about ease—whisking away makeup, dirt, and other impurities in one quick step. Plus, they’re formulated with a nourishing blend of botanicals such as aloe and cucumber to moisturise and condition the skin.

Sei Bella Honey and Rose Essential Bundle
Size: 6 products Item: 6308

This vitamin-rich collection has been designed to soothe and calm the skin while helping to defend against sensitive and irritated skin. Each product has been developed to work optimally together for soothing, healthy skin.

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